I have written so often about my Grandfather, but my Grandmother, Isabelle, was so important in my life as well. Today is her Yahrzeit — in Judaism, the anniversary of the death of a parent or close relative. She died two days after her 71st wedding anniversary and two months before I found out I would be getting the house I had been patiently waiting for. This was what I read at her funeral in 2013 and I thought it would be a nice way to remember her aloud today. She deserves the remembrance.

I miss Isabelle every day, but I hope she is bossing around my grandfather, father and brother.

Dear Grandma,
I am at your…

Arms and hands up in the air, fist pumping, air drumming, singing every word, screaming like we were on roller coasters, we gathered last night as a group of old rockers.

Finally. After a year without music gatherings, my friends and I used our — one year later — postponed tickets to go see GET THE LED OUT, a Led Zeppelin tribute band.

It was nice to feel normal for a few hours last night. Not sure if it was the right thing to do from a Covid perspective, but I leaned in and danced my ass off like it was my last concert for another year.

From the opening song of Good Times, Bad Times, it felt like every song on their set list had the intention of symbolizing the year we have just lived through — no live music and our hopeful…

“When is your Christmas?” I would often be asked this seemingly innocent question when I was newly married. That would often be followed a few months later with “When is your Easter?”

The people asking this would be referring to Hanukkah and Passover as their reference points. I learned to just say the dates with no eye roll or tone and just pray that Easter wouldn’t fall during Passover so I wouldn’t have to explain why I was picking the ham off the plate or leaving the rolls in the basket. …

My Great Grandparents from my father’s side made their way to America in the early part of the 20th century — to escape the Russian pogroms. They were coming to America for the opportunity not just for a better life, but for religious freedom. Up until they landed here, they were not allowed to practice their own religion — celebrating their holidays, praying and mourning their loved ones all had to be done in secret.

My great grandparents, Murray + Miriam

They went through Ellis Island as immigrants hoping they would be accepted by the people sitting on the other side of the tables as they…

Alayne, you’re very glib, my friend’s uncle stated with a drunken slur back when I was in eighth grade. He had staggered in to a room full of thirteen year old girls who had taken over his bedroom for a sleepover and he was not happy.

He quickly (and appropriately) determined that I was the self appointed spokesperson to keep his drunken self away from our innocence. …

I hurried home after sleeping at my partner’s house the night before. I was not leaving for any reason other than the precious hour of six to seven in the morning to be able to sit in the beautiful surroundings of my own garden.

My partner and I each live in areas tourists pay thousands of dollars to visit. This time of year is difficult for either of us to be away from our homes as we both enjoy our own properties as much as we love each others. It is a conundrum we continue to navigate as we coordinate…

“I want that.”
“And that.”
“Oh and that too.” I heard myself saying to my Uncle as we Face timed on the phone this past month; and though I could hear a voice of reason whispering inside of my head, my heart was the voice that seemed to be speaking for me.

“You’re meshugana,” he kept saying, partially amused, but I could hear his own pragmatism speaking, my new voice of reason that once served as second fiddle to my Grandfather. …

My grandfather died.

He was 103 and had an amazing life. He died peacefully in his home just like he wanted. I am at his beautiful Florida home as a self appointed organizer and have ended up staying for almost a month. It feels indulgent and a little bratty, but after this loss of my dear line leader, I am relishing in it.

Why the hell not? When will I ever get this chance again? I say this to myself as I have now changed my return home flight date three times.

Besides losing my fearless leader, I have, like…

It is the fiftieth anniversary of the book, Are you there God, It’s Me Margaret, by Judy Blume. I read this book when I was ten or eleven which rewinds the days of my life to 1975/76. This book was the first prepubescent book I read that made me realize that self doubt was actually a normal feeling and I was not alone. And for some reason the concept of not being alone led me to not feeling alone and this gave me a sense of comfort.

this was the cover of the copy I read

I didn’t fully realize the magnitude of this early lesson until this morning…

In times of duress, like trying to run a business during a global pandemic, I have seen mostly the greatness of humanity- the generosity of spirit, the love and kindness from clients with their words, their purchases, their care.
I can, without hesitation, say this has been the case 99% of the time.

Acts of kindness can be in the form of a note along with their check they wrote for their purchase instead of paying with a credit card knowing that the exorbitant fees charged add up during a time like this.

It can come in just calling to…

alayne white

A self proclaimed lover of all things beauty, business + lifestyle, and a typewriter enthusiast, I write because it feels good.

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