I wish I were the type of person who would write their dreams down when they woke me up, like today at 2:40 am, but this would mean that I would have to put the light on ensuring that I would remain awake. I always think I am going to remember my dreams when I wake up at a normal time, but of course time after time, they are never as vivid as they were just four hours before. I can have large spans of time when I don’t even recall if I had a dream, but for the past three weeks I have dreamt ever single night of water and family. Rain, ocean, lakes, all of my immediate family have shown up in each dream at some point. Grandparents, my parents, my son, my brother, my aunts, my former husband, my present partner. None of the dreams have been scary or nightmarish, no fear in them, more like an old friend showing up to remind me of something. I am not drowning in the dream nor is anyone else. There are lots of animals though. Last night it was seagulls, there have been squirrels, manatees and of course my old friend the snake. I have never dreamed like this before and I am struck by the themes. Interestingly, I have had some water spots show up in my ceilings from some leaks in my roof. Yes, I am aware that this comes with a house built one hundred years before I was born, 1865. 153 years ago, but I do find it interesting that it is water again. Also last Friday the fire alarms went off and I couldn’t get them to turn off when it occurred to me, maybe there is something going on besides a battery and promptly called the fire department. Thankfully they didn’t have to use any water, it turned out to be a faulty smoke detector, but still fire and water, the opposites, the yin and yang of it all did get me wondering what the heck is going on. I like the inner work of messages. Dreams have that ability to give you a story maybe before you are even ready for one. I have looked up “dreaming about water” and the meanings are all a little vague, a bit over generalized, and like a horoscope, I only want to see the lovely, not the worry. My goddess of a therapist, who is a Jungian dream analyst had her own take on the dreams involving my deep connection to creativity and something brewing, to pay attention and keep creating. This speaks to me especially since I am in the throws of new branding using typewriters and silliness as an excuse for creation. She had something to say about my new obsession with typewriters, the weight of them, the mechanics of them and the possibilities of what they represent. This is for another essay though, too complex to add and possibly too esoteric for even me. If I were to sit quietly and meditate on this perhaps I would have a sense. My instincts say, something is a brewing, go with the literal flow. My birth sign is Pisces and when I look up today’s message, it says,

It could be that you feel a bit of pressure today to start or create something that you aren’t quite ready for. There is hesitation on your part that indicates you should take it slowly and learn more of the facts before you jump into the fray… (where was this horoscope last week when I decided to lease a high end car?J

Then there is this one which I like better, A SWEEPING MOMENTUM carries you through the entire day and its quite a ride! But don’t get too caught up in the excitement or laughter that surrounds you. There are many details you need to pay attention to if you want to keep on a positive track. Thinking big or getting distracted by the long range ideas won’t help you right now. Listen to the words people are using and the dates being chosen. These small details will have a huge influence.

There is so much water significance to these. Go with the flow, don’t get bogged down, don’t jump in. Of course we all know how much we can read into horoscopes to have them fit our own ideas of how they should read, but this is the fun. I can feel something though, my need to meet like minded women and take them to lunch, to create. Just yesterday, I met a fabulous new superchick and we made a connection that felt old and wisdom filled. It was like we had known each other for many years and it felt immediately comfortable and rich. As I write this I am moved by the awareness of creating the space for new female friendships. I have written about and spoken about old female relationships moving on and out and through knowing that as painful as it has been it has also created space for new loving and meaningful ones to enter. Perhaps the significance of all of the water in the last three weeks is movement, cleansing, and some form of rebirth. After all, we come from water, water is what we are made up of, water is what is the majority surrounding us. Water is cleansing and purifying. All of this is a nice way to interpret these dreams. And to consider that when old friends move on, perhaps it ultimately is for the right reason allowing both of us opportunities for new births to take place. After all of this rain the past week too, the flowers continue to bloom and the grass gets greener by the minute- just in time for a beautiful October. What lies ahead is out of my hands, but what is behind serves no purpose any longer. If this is what my dreams are letting me know in their own unique way, then I am satisfied.

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